There are three ways to advertise with ICF Chicago: through our website, an email blast or via our newsletter.

Please see our sponsorship document here for full details.

Website Advertising

ICF Chicago has one side banner per website page. The names of the advertisers (if more than one) will rotate randomly within the one banner position.

Email Blast

An ‘Email Blast’ is an email dedicated to a single advertiser, sent out to the membership list (currently 850+ subscribers) of the International Coach Federation Chicago (ICFC). We call it our Coaching Classifieds.

Email Blast advertisers must be ICF accredited organizations. The products and services offered must assist our coaching community to either grow their business or to build their coaching skills.

The ICFC limits the number of email blasts sent out to its membership to TWO per month. This is not two advertisers per email blast; its TWO separate advertising email blasts sent to the membership per month. We do this so that messages from our fabulous advertisers are not watered down by the quantity of ads, and therefore, our membership is appreciative of the quality of the messages coming to them.

Advertise in ICFC’s Newsletter – All Things Coaching

Our members consistently check out the information included in our monthly newsletter, All Things Coaching! After all, we like to make sure there is a variety of information and opportunities available to our members and their interests. Your ad will be sent out to our membership list [currently 850+ subscribers] of the International Coach Federation – Chicago (ICFC).

ICFC will only place Announcements and Classifieds that directly relate to or support our members and the field of coaching. Decisions regarding the placement of ads are made by the editorial staff with the support of the board. All classified ads are placed by a third party and are not necessarily endorsed by the ICFC or ICF.

Please see our sponsorship document here for full details.