Speak at a Program

For more information on speaking options, contact programs@icf-chicago.org.

ICFC Program Guidelines for Speakers

You are invited to submit a proposal to present a program to the International Coach Federation Chicago (ICFC), a chartered chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


The International Coach Federation Chicago

is an organization of more than 1000 coaches (of which 398 are ICF members) whose practices include personal life coaching, business and executive coaching, and leadership development. About half the members are full-time independent coaches, while the balance are part-time independent or full-time internal corporate coaches. While many of the members have been coaching for less than five years, there are many who have been professional coaches for as long as 15-20 years. Membership in the ICF automatically provides eligibility in the Chicago Chapter.


Meeting Schedule:

The ICFC meets monthly (except August) on the second Monday of the month. The meetings typically begin at 6:30 p.m. with the first 30 minutes for socializing and a light meal. The guest speaker / presentation begins at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m.



At least one-half hour of experiential exercises is usually a good idea, but not required. Include plenty of time for questions & answers; our group generally enjoys interaction. If you have something to market / sell please be discreet and brief and remember that the more value the group receives from your presentation the more likely they are to seek your services.

Special Events:

Special Events of half day, full day, and weekend workshops are possible, and proposals are invited for those events as well. We occasionally have special presentations on evenings other than Monday. These Special Events are usually for speakers with a national reputation and a substantial email list of their own. Once your proposal has been accepted we will expect you to commit to a presentation date three to twelve months in advance.

Topics Should Relate To:

  • Specific Coaching Skills–effective intake procedures, assessments, helping clients’ vision, corporate coaching skills, coaching for organizational development, and more.
  • Human Potential and Growth–language/communications skills, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and more.
  • Small Business Management–marketing for service businesses, sales skills, creating multiple revenue streams, financial issues, effective presentation skills, and more.
  • Technology for Small Businesses–e-commerce, creating web sites that generate traffic and sales, publishing e-books, and more.


Target Audience:

The Chapter recognizes several target audiences and your presentation can be aimed at one or more of the following groups:

  • Experienced coaches with more than five years full time professional experience.
  • Emerging coaches who have a growing practice and have been coaching for less than 5 years
  • Executive and corporate coaches who work either independently or within a corporation
  • Individuals new to coaching or exploring coaching as a possible career
  • There may also be individuals present who are potential coach clients who are interested in personal growth or learning about coaching. (ICFC sometimes has programs designed primarily for this audience.)


ICFC Will Provide:

An overhead projector, screen and flip chart(s) if requested. We will also provide for videotape presentation if needed. Presenters using computer driven presentations are asked to bring their own projection device (computer). We encourage presenters to provide handouts of salient points for all attendees.


ICFC Request for Proposal

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Description/Summary of the presentation for posting to our website to increase your exposure
  • Content Outline
  • Specific learning objectives
  • Core competencies addressed, if you are addressing coaching skills
  • Delivery method: (e.g. audio/visual portions, didactic, interactive, small group work, etc.)
  • Target audience (new coaches, experienced coaches, corporate coaches, etc.)
  • Audio/Visual requirements
  • Sample of your handout materials
  • Your professional biography, including a photograph if available
  • References
  • If you have books, tapes, videos to sell in the back of the room, would you be willing to give a percentage of sales to the ICFC (not required)?



It is strongly recommended if an audio or videotape is available of you doing this or another presentation, please include it.

If you have published a book, you may want to send a copy to the Program Chair. Your books can be sold at the back of the room at our meeting/program.



Submit your RFP to the current Program Chair at programs@icf-chicago.org. Depending on where we are in the scheduling process it might be a while before we make a decision on your proposal. We try to schedule a whole year at one time. We request your patience.