Strategic Plan

Membership Growth

Maximize the benefits of chapter membership and engagement resulting in an increase of active members each year.

  • Increase member-only value added benefits

  • Increase networking opportunities for members

  • Create personal touch programs and initiatives to retain members and convert nonmembers.


Build an organization that supports the vision, mission and values of ICF Chicago.

  • Research and evaluate best practices for implementation

  • Align governance structure, policies and procedures with ICFC charter, bylaws and ICF Global

  • Fill all board and committee chair positions

  • Leverage ICF Global

Professional Development

It is critical that all engaged in ICFC programs and initiatives consistently find value, relevance and opportunity for growth and development.

  • Further research and assess coaching community professional development needs.

  • Establish standards, criteria and measures for all ICFC programs and initiatives.

  • Create multiple channels and platforms for the delivery of relevant professional development.

  • Leverage resources to support professional development goals.

Communications and Branding

Advance the reach and influence of ICFC through effective communications and marketing strategies.

  • Define and refine the brand promise of ICFC.

  • Develop and implement communications plan to create awareness of the value and brand proposition.

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