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President's Report

Happy Saturday ICF Chicago! I hope you are doing something with your extra leap year day that is amazing!

We have some exciting news about this month's program. Jean-Francois Cousins, ICF Global Board Chair 2019, will be coming to Chicago to talk with us about game-changing initiatives that are happening within ICF how it can help us all. This event will be downtown on March 23, 2020 at Catalyst Ranch. Check out the website for more information. 

ICF-Chicago wants to serve you better.  Would you help us by completing the brief, three question survey?  Completing and returning the survey will help us identify and focus on your priorities as a coach.  We will let you know the results in an upcoming newsletter, so stay tuned.

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See you on the Zoom Core Competency Call  on Wednesday, March 4 from 12 pm - 1 pm.  

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Calendar of Events

Key Takeaways:

  • Which kind of leadership organizations need, to thrive in a VUCA world
  • How the world’s most successful companies in the Silicon Valley enhance interpersonal trust within small teams and larger groups, value and leverage diversity, to foster inclusive ways of being and an inclusive workplace
  • Traits of a collaborative leader
  • Traits of an agile leader
  • Latest most-successful leadership practices, and provides recent research from ICF, Accenture, PWC and HCI about what makes workplaces successful
  • Impact of Coaching cultures
  • How we need to be, as leaders, and practical steps we can take, to support the growth of inclusion, trust, agility and collaboration and the emergence of collective intelligence in our own organizations
  • Latest update on ICF transformation and opportunities for volunteer leaders and members


About Jean-Franois:

Jean-François Cousin became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a management career around the world with a Fortune-500 company. By June ’18, he had clocked 10,000 coaching-hours, served over 800 executives and dozens of executive teams, travelling to 35 countries / 5 continents to work with them.
Jean-Francois serves as a Director on the Global Board of the International Coaching Federation and was elected its Chair for 2019.
He authored the book Game Changers at the Circus—How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organizations, coauthored several other books and regularly writes columns for the media.
For more information visit www.greatness.coach

Time: 5:30 – 8:30

Where: Downtown Chicago - Catalyst Ranch

5:30 – 6:30 Networking and light dinner

6:30 – 8 Program

8 – 8:30 Wrap up and networking

Register Today!!

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Core Competency Call

Core Competency #8

Facilitates Client Growth

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What's New

Partnership Event Information

The Team Coaching Accelerator: Advance to the Leading Edge of Team Coaching and Team Leadership featuring Leadership Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck is starting soon! Have you secured your spot?

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In this complimentary accelerator, you'll learn how to:

  • Distinguish between team coaching and other interventions, such as team facilitation or team building
  • Take a complex, adaptive systems perspective of teams and their leaders
  • Begin building team coaching into your personal development planning as a coach

Gain valuable insight into the transitions necessary to move from 1-to-1 coaching to the much more complex world of team coachingIf you're ready to unlock a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork that’s vital to success in 2020 and beyond, join me at this session.

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How coaching helps diversity and inclusion

By Mete Yazici, PCC | January 8, 2020 

When I decided to work abroad, I didn’t know what kinds of problems I would face in Japan as a foreigner. At that time, 25 years ago, I had no idea what being a minority would feel like because I wasn’t a minority then. I had no idea. This is the issue with diversity and inclusion that most of the time people can relate to how minorities feel intellectually, but not emotionally.

Many companies around the world have robust programs that aim at promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. However, unless such programs go deeper than creating awareness, there won’t be real progress. If the topic is important for you, maybe there are things you can do to tackle the core issues, as well.

Informal Ways

As coaches, we work with HR departments and senior leaders. We can walk the talk and become role models. If we have clients from different walks of life, different ethnic or linguistic backgrounds, we can informally talk about how interesting and enriching our experience working with them is. We can mention how seeing the world through our clients’ eyes is eye opening. Through our experience, the people we talk with may see the opportunities lying ahead for them as well.

Coaching People from Minority Groups

We can proactively seek clients from minority groups. Different people have different issues and needs. It is not appropriate to make stereotypical generalizations on what minorities may need. Speaking from my experience, I encountered people who couldn’t believe they were more than capable, but actually brilliant and unique.  We can work towards finding their natural talents and strengths. We can create learning assignments where they experience their brilliance.

Working with Organizations

When we do team coaching or group coaching, we can facilitate opportunities for minorities to get their voices heard. We can also work with members from the majority groups so that they also feel their voices were heard and their needs were acknowledged.

Coaching People Who Want to Improve

This group of clients will have enough self-awareness of the challenges they have. They will be curious about knowing the areas they need help with and identifying the ways they can improve themselves. It will be essential to identify their values and ideals as leaders so that they can guide themselves towards higher ideals.

Coaching People Who Think They are OK

Some clients may not be aware of their issues in embracing diversity. Administering or utilizing 360-degree surveys, asking clients to complete trainings on uncover unconscious bias, and facilitating role plays can help them become what is expected of them. Once such clients realize they had particular challenges, the rest becomes easy.

Coaching People Who Oppose Diversity

This could be a difficult assignment if clients are not willing or collaborative. The worst could be passive-aggressive behaviors and “yes, but” sentences. They may be forced to go through a “compulsory” coaching assignment because their organization is working on making some fundamental changes. However, without a genuine willingness from the client, we can find ourselves stuck. We can do three things:

  1. Facilitate a meeting with sponsors and make organizational expectations clear
  2. Create awareness for deeper personal issues and difficulties that make embracing diversity difficult
  3. Be creative in helping the client find their sources of motivation to align with organizational expectations.

Sometimes this group of clients may have internal conflicts. They may have conflicting feelings and value systems. Also, they may not have the means to resolve such conflicts. As coaches, we can facilitate internal conversations and help the clients work through those conflicts. Working with clients may make us uncomfortable at the beginning, but we can stay firm by believing in their potential to grow.

All the things I mentioned in this article will become more meaningful if the promotion of diversity and inclusion in society is aligned with our personal goals and values. We can still fulfill our contractual obligations if the topic is not something we genuinely care about. However, our sponsors and clients will feel compelled to work with us if we are energized by the opportunity and take the challenges wholeheartedly. One of the Japanese corporate leaders I know used to say he liked to reflect on whom and what he was spending his life for every morning. I believe making life better for minorities would be a noble cause where spending our effort and energy will be well-justified.

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ICF Chicago Leadership Call

ICF Chicago needs great leaders like you! Truth be told, we don't want to take up too much of your time, but we need your insight, experience and willingness to help broaden our coaching reach into both Chicagoland and the world.  (The connections are network are worth their weight in gold, too) If this sounds like you and if you are willing to join a great team, then please fill ou this form (http://bit.ly/icf-leaders) and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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