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ICF Chicago Webinar Tomorrow


                          This webinar is approved for 1 CCEU

  • How ready are you to be more fearless in your coaching?
  • How ready are you to take your coaching to the next level?
  • How willing are you to walk your talk?
  • How ready are you to roll up your sleeves and get your coaching kicked up a notch?
  • How ready are you to learn from two coaching geeks (who are both PCC certified with over 8000 coaching hours between them) with different coaching styles who have the same top value of fun?


In this interactive, fun, and filled with learning webinar Jenn and Karen will be facilitating an impactful interaction into coaching techniques, approaches and lead a discussion about the “power” of powerful questions.  One person will be the client and everyone on the call will have the opportunity to ask powerful questions.  The two of us will give you feedback — giving you direct access to two different coach approaches, hear other coaches and help you find your own style of ICF Core Competency #7 Evokes Awareness.

ICF CCEU Core Competency:

Evokes Awareness

The focus will be on:

  • Asking questions that reflect active listening and an understanding of the client’s perspective. 

  • Asking questions that evoke discovery, insight, commitment or action (e.g., those that challenge the client’s assumptions). 

  • Asking open-ended questions that create greater clarity, possibility or new learning. 

  • Asking questions that move the client towards what they desire, not questions that ask for the client to justify or look backwards. 


KickStart Your Edge

Jenn Barley and Karen Sullivan are co-founders of KickStart Your Edge LLC, a revolutionary, straight forward, disruptive organization focused on building Play To Win Cultures for bold consumer brands, such as Coty, Philosophy, The University of Texas- Austin, BMW, Facebook, and more. 

KickStart Your Edge uses an innovative, sustainable framework, focusing on three key Play to Win Strategies:

  • Developing a Play to Win Internal Coaching Culture
  • Creating Play to Win Brand Relevance Turnaround
  • Producing Play to Win Leadership


All are designed for inspiring innovative business thinking to create stickability.

Jenn and Karen created the International Coach Federation Accredited Get REAL: Leadership and Corporate Coach Training Program.  This dual-certification program is designed for coaches who want to focus on a non-traditional leadership approach to create a cutting edge experiences.

The KickStart Your Edge team has influenced, impacted, and shaken up individuals, teams, and organizations from California to Kuwait.  They have cracked the code on rapid, quick adoption of concepts and within just 45-minutes, a new language, a new mindset and new behaviors begin to take shape. 

With Jenn’s background in Silicon Valley and Karen’s background of 25 years in law enforcement and retiring as a Chief of Police in Monmouth County, NJ, KickStart Your Edge brings a ‘we don’t even have a B game’ approach to all their engagements.

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ICF Chicago needs great leaders like you! Truth be told, we don't want to take up too much of your time, but we need your insight, experience and willingness to help broaden our coaching reach into both Chicagoland and the world.  (The connections are network are worth their weight in gold, too) If this sounds like you and if you are willing to join a great team, then please fill ou this form (http://bit.ly/icf-leaders) and we will be in touch with you shortly

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